Google Earth News – Another Beta to Take Your Breath

Google Earth News – Another Beta to Take Your Breath Away

What’s google
Google is stunning, it is another great package from the kings who can do no wrong. Simply follow 2 steps to take advantage of this great free download from Google for any holiday traveler. Google is going to take some processing power, so firstly make sure you meet the minimum spec on your machine by checking the following before you download it:

– Windows 2000, or XP
– Pentium 3, 500Mhz
– 128M RAM
– 400MB disk space
– Network speed: 128Kbits/sec
– 3D-capable video card with 16Mbytes of VRAM
– 1024×768, “16-bit High Color” screen

– “Google Earth” is a free product and shares an installer with “Google Earth Plus”. You can upgrade your Google Earth to Plus via the Help menu.

– “Google Earth Plus” This version is for non-commercial use only

– This version supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
– It does run on Windows Server 2003 and XP-x64.

– It does not run on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, or Windows ME.

– There are known issues with “Windows XP for tablet PCs” and Windows XP Media Center.

– It has also been tested successfully with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) with this exception:

– A minimum screen size of 1024×768 pixels is required. Also, “True Color (32-bit)” resolution and a sufficient graphics card are required for clamped filled polygons; otherwise, they will be displayed
as outlines only.

– The default OpenGL graphics rendering engine is the usually the best from both a performance and visual quality perspective for Google eart.

– The DirectX version of Google can be selected in the Preferences panel. If there is a problem at startup, you can also change it from the Start Menu item. Use it on older machines and laptop computers that have trouble with the default OpenGL version.

– The DirectX version of Google requires DirectX 8.1 or newer.

I would suggest you try it now. It really is an incredible tool from Google and will prove to be great from a educational and useful viewpoint , especially when they start adding Google Maps and Google Local to it.
You can soon see whats around the corner.
A 9 out of 10 from the Google Talks Team

5 Simple Ways To Save On Your Broadband Quotas

Most broadband internet users are under the impression that they have an unlimited amount of data to transfer and that they can download and upload all of the files they want. However, some broadband plans limit the amount of bandwidth one can use on a monthly basis. Once these download quotas are reached, the user will either have to pay extra for additional broadband or simply go without the internet altogether. And as you may expect, the charge to increase your bandwidth is outrageous at best.

If your Internet Service Provider has capped the amount of broadband you can use on a monthly basis, consider the following tips. These are solid, yet simple steps that anybody can take in order to decrease their personal broadband usage and avoid going over any kind of download quotas..

Avoid peer-to-peer file sharing Most peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs typically have your computer uploading data just as fast as you can download it. Essentially that is exactly how a peer-to-peer file sharing program works. However, these uploads can really slow down your high-speed internet and waste a lot of your broadband.

Turn off your computer when not in use A good way to waste your download quota quickly is to leave your computer running overnight. Updates are being downloaded to your computer and installed constantly, especially during the late night hours, and spyware may even be sending or receiving data as well.

Disable automatic updates Automatic updates are notorious broadband wasters. Many times the updates that are being downloaded and installed have very little functionality to add to your current software, if any. Not only do these automatic updates take a huge toll on any download quotas you may have, but sometimes they are not even properly tested may even cause harm to your system.

Avoid adding toolbars and other accessories to your browser There are so many browser add-ons today it is ridiculous. Of course they are all advertised as being able to perform a function that you absolutely can’t live without, but in reality they are just wasting your broadband with every passing minute. Some add-ons are continually checking online servers for new updates, and some may even load up annoying (and broadband-wasting) pop-ups and other types of advertisements.

Streaming video websites, such as YouTube, has become extremely popular as of late, as are network TV websites which allow viewers to stream entire episodes online. However, it takes a lot of broadband to stream these large videos over the internet and a lot of download quotas are being reached prematurely because of it. In fact, estimates now show that streaming video accounts for 50% of all the traffic on the Internet today.

Top Reasons to Opt to Digital Photography

Today, more people are getting hooked over Digital photography. Since the birth of digital photography, it has been easier and more convenient for people to capture the best photos they desire. Digital Photography indeed has become the wave of today and in the near future. But what if you’re still using the old mode of taking photos- the film photography? Well, think again.

For those few people who are still using film photography, here are some good reasons why you should opt for digital photography:

1.Generally, one of the most excellent features of choosing digital photography is that its convenience. Aside from the fact that digital cameras are easy to use since they are user friendly, these cameras are also portable and you can just safely place it in your pocket anywhere you go.

2.With digital camera, you can save your time and effort. Digital cameras provide instant feedback once you take photos. It has a review button to let you view all the photos so you’ll be able to choose the best one. At the same time, it has also a delete button for those photos you don’t like to keep. In short, you can keep on trying until you get the right photo. Now isn’t that great?

3.The next good thing about digital photography is its capacity to have your photos printed immediately. Actually, you can it is much easier if you have a digital printer. You can just simply connect your digital camera to the printer and press the button to print. On the contrary, film cameras takes time before you get your photos developed. You also have to go back to the photo shop to get your pictures.

4.Another great thing you can get from digital photography is the capacity to modify or edit your photos anytime. Since the images are in digital files, it is much easier now to edit them. You can simply open the images in any photo editing software supported by the file. With the photo editing software, you can alter or adjust the color of your photos. You can also crop the photo and design your own photo. All of these in one photo editing package. It’s more than what you can get from film cameras.

5.If you want to put up a small business, then digital photography would be of great help. Let your creativity works. Digital photos cannot just be simple photos. Now, you can turn them into T-shirts, mugs, invitations, greeting cards, calendars and a lot more. This is for the fact that digital photos can be printed anywhere and in anyway. Just make use of the right photo paper, and surely, you can make lots of money from it.

6.Lastly, digital photography has the ability to share the photos you have you’re your love ones and relatives. You can simply give a copy of the precious moments to someone everywhere. Just attach the softcopy of the photo to your email and send. That easy. But with film camera, you will spend money just on scanning the photos, to be able to send them online. Of course that’s an extra work for a digital photographer.

Apparently, digital photography has really paved way for making photography convenient and easier at the same time achieving high quality photos. It just shows that there’s no other time to opt to digital photography than now.

Network Monitoring for Serious eCommerce

In the real world, businesses come in every size, from self-employed entrepreneurs like me to mega malls like Wal-Mart.

On the Internet, companies come in every size, too, from a stand-alone ebook sales page with webmaster and owner all in one, to 300 pound gorilla like Amazon, with over a million pages, who requires the entire population of a small country to serve as webmaster.

If your site is a single page, it is its own network. But if your site is any bigger, and you have plans to grow, it is a network or is fast becoming one. You need network monitoring.

Most ecommerce webmasters are at least somewhat familiar with website monitoring. Many use a website monitoring service or software to keep track of “uptime” and “downtime”.

At your local shopping mall, serious business requires more than just knowing when the front doors are open and when they are closed. Serious ecommerce needs to know more than just when the site is accessible. That is what network monitoring is all about.

What Network Monitoring Monitors

Chances are, your e-business owns one of the following, or uses one of the following remotely:

An FTP server: File Transfer Protocol servers are used to help you
exchange files with remote users. If you use FTP, a monitoring
service can make sure it is always up and running.

POP3 and SMTP servers: These are used for exchanging emails. If you are using email, chances are you are using SMTP and POP3. If your SMTP server is down, everyone who sends you email will receive an error, stating that your mail server is down and cannot accept incoming email. To say that the impression this leaves your customers is bad would be an understatement. If your POP3 server is down, you will be unable to retrieve email from your mailbox. Once again, only external monitoring will prevent such a problem.

Firewalls: Many businesses use firewalls to protect their internal network from un-authorized traffic, such as spyware, viruses and sabotage by competitors. Furthermore, a firewall is your first line of defense. If your firewall goes down, your whole network may actually become inaccessible from outside. In other words, if you host your own web site and mail servers, those will become
inaccessible to the outside world if your firewall goes down. Once again, remote network monitoring is required to detect that a problem exists and quickly get it repaired.

Internet connections: Users come to your network from multiple backbones, depending on the company they use to connect to the Internet and their location. It is important to insure that your connection performs well for each user. A remote monitoring service can ping your networks from multiple locations around the world, thus testing most major routes to your web server or network. Before hiring a network monitoring service, check to see that they have both your customer geography and the Internet backbone layout covered.

Very few websites of any size and functionality are anything less than a complete network, and many networks rely on servers in different parts of the world.

A good network monitoring service can ensure, as a base, that all servers are properly functioning, that data can be sent to and received from each server, and that each function sharing the server responds as required. An advanced network monitoring service can even remotely monitor the temperature of your servers.

What you need to monitor depends on how extensive your network is. A network monitoring expert can help you determine what needs monitoring. If you own the servers, or are remotely hosted on dedicated servers, you most likely need everything monitored. If your site is hosted on shared servers, you might need fewer functions monitored.

Choosing A Free Spyware Remover

These are some of the most powerful and popular spyware removers which are widely available. All of them are completely free for download from their official websites and for personal use.

Spy-Ad Exterminator Free: The software scans for and deletes, ignores, or quarantines your systems memory, hard drives, and registry for spyware, adware, worms, hijacks, keyloggers, IE Toolbars, etc. Has up to 20,000 malwares in database, which can be updated online.

Tips For Buying Inkjet Catridges

Computers have become an important part of everyday life. Printers also come along with computer use. Buying the inkjet cartridge for your printer can be a confusing matter. Knowing how to best chose one for your printer can help take the hassle out of the process.

The warning that your printer is almost out of ink can signal stress in some people. Figuring out which inkjet cartridge is best can seem like an impossible task. The best place to start is taking a look at the cartridge in your printer. Check what type it is and try to buy the same one. In some cases, though, the cartridge may not be available or for some reason the same cartridge can not be found. In that case the following tips may help.

– Avoid generic cartridges. The ink used in these cartridges may damage your printers nozzles.

– Figure out the printing quality you need. Ink cartridges made by the same manufacturer as the printer will produce the best results. These cartridges are also the most pricey.

– Take a look at the printer warranty. Some manufacturers warranties are void if an ink cartridge is used that is made by a different manufacturer.

– Look at the page yield of the ink cartridge you are buying. This will tell you how much printing the cartridge will do.

To prolong their life of your inkjet cartridge and save money on refills you can also take a few steps. Do not let the cartridge dry up as this can burn out the printer making it unable to print even with a new cartridge. Do not run one cartridge when the other is out because this will also ruin the jets and cause future issues. You can also lightly shake a cartridge side to side to help the printer use the remaining small amount of ink.

The above tips will help you make the most out of buying and using ink cartridges. While there are many choices on the market, following simple tips will help you to chose the best ink cartridge for your needs.